Heaven Sent, Corp's mission is to assist grief recovery by providing lovingly handmade Pitter Patter swaddling and companion quilts through our Pitter Patter Funeral Home Partnering Program, to bereft mothers who have suffered natural pre-term loss or infant loss under the age of one year, promoting grief healing and recovery by creating a bond for the surviving mother to her lost child, offering tangible proof that the baby was real and existed, delivering comfort and security that the baby was a significant addition and tragic loss to the surviving family, and solidifying the birth space the baby occupies within the family structure, guaranteeing that the baby has significance and will never be forgotten.






Heaven Sent, Corp. helps families through the immediate loss of their babies by providing a physical link to the infant through a swaddling blanket for the baby's burial or cremation and a coordinating keepsake blanket square for the surviving mother through our Pitter Patter Funeral Home Partnering Program for natural pre-term loss and infants under the age of one year. Our goal is to offer grief recovery assistance and change the accepted perception of a pre-term loss from a non-loss to a profound loss; and an infant loss from an insignificant loss to a very real and deeply profound loss, thereby affording the bereft family recognition in their grief, along with significance of their baby's existence.