Call for Volunteers

Quilting and Sewing enthusiasts are needed to make small quilts to swaddle babies who have suffered natural pre-mature death or infantile death prior to their first birthday.

Quilts will be provided to funeral homes who agree to provide no cost to low cost funerals for natural pre-term and infantile mortality cases.

Participating funeral directors will swaddle babies in your beautiful handmade quilts for their parents to cuddle one last time.  Babies will be buried or cremated in these tenderly crafted swaddling quilts.  Surviving bereft mothers will receive the matching quilted square for a treasured reminder to commoriate the life and loss of her baby.  For the first time, mother's will no longer leave the cemetery with empty arms.  They will leave with your beautiful quilt created out of love and compassion for her, her baby and their loss of each other.

Through the remainder of her life, the surviving mother will have physical proof that her baby existed, that her baby held significant value, and that others cared also.

If you feel you would like to be a participant in this caring mission, please contact Barbara Gaddy, our Quilting Blanketear Liason.

This keepsake quilt will remain with the mother throughout her life.  It will comfort her during times of despair.  It will assist her through her grief recovery by creating a tangible bond between her and her beautiful baby.  And, it will let all who see it know that there was a baby born to this family, that the baby was loved and valued, and that the baby will never be forgotten.

Volunteers at Heaven Sent are currently working to build relationships with funeral homes, hospitals, quilt and sewing guilds and quilt shops, around the country. Help is also needed for Regional Coordinators who can be drop off points for quilts, as needed, as well as periodically deliver completed quilts to participating funeral homes who provide no cost to low cost funeral services to infant losses.

Please email us if you would like to volunteer, or learn more about volunteer opportunities for Heaven Sent, Corp.



She Cares


One day while visiting Mike Lee at the Queen City Funeral Home, Tracy Lee, his wife and professional funeral director, came into his office. She whispered to Mike that she had a client in her office who could not afford very much and would he mind making them a video (Memory Movie) for free.

At that moment I knew that Tracy was more concerned about her clients than for herself and her money. It was apparent to me, that Tracy did not become a funeral director out of a desire to become wealthy. She became a funeral director to bring comfort and kindness to those who mourn.
She treats her clients with such reverence and respect.
Her clients recieve the best care because “She CARES".
She even checks up on them after the funeral and burials are over.
(Barbara Gaddy, 2015)

My name is Barbara Gaddy. I am a professional quilter and owner of Bejeweled Quilts. Witnessing Tracy Lee’s kindness inspired me to join her cause.  While visiting Mike Lee, I learned that Tracy Lee has a program called “Wee Bundles of Love”. This program provides free services for infant mortality cases. Bejeweled Quilts has now partnered with Queen City Funeral Home to provide free swaddling blankets and free keepsake quilts for bereft mothers at Queen City Funeral Home.



A Non-Profit is Formed


Queen City Funeral Home and Bejeweled Quilts have joined together and formed a non-profit to promote kinder treatment of bereft mothers suffering infant losses at funeral homes across the United States of America.  Together, Tracy Lee and Barbara Gaddy have organized their non-profit, Heaven Sent, Corp.

Heaven Sent, Corp. enlists quilters and funeral homes across the nation to provide burial quilts, keepsake quilts and no-cost to low cost funerals for pre-term and infantile losses prior to an infant’s first birthday.

Barbara named the non-profit “Heaven Sent” because the program was inspired.
Heaven sent an angel to these bereft families and heaven sent talented quilters and caring funeral directors to join together to bring comfort to those who mourn the loss of their innocent babies.