Blanket Patterns


Small quilt is 12 1/2 inch square.

larger blanket is 21 to 22 inch square depending on the width of the fabric, we are trying to get as much out of the fabric as we can.


· The embroidered angel was formatted by Melissa Schuett who has so graciously given us permission to use this pattern at will. If you want to do the embroidery, contact me and I can give you the format you need.

· White Fat Quarter – for 8 1/2″ square for angel embroidery.

·2/3 yard colored fabric for the small quilt, the larger blanket, binding, and the backing of both the small quilt and large blanket as well as the one row on the front of the small quilt.

· Binding will be the same color as the colored fabric you have chosen and the backing. You will need one a half strips from selvage to selvage at 2 ½ “ wide.

· 13 “ square backing fabric (usually the same as the colored fabric used on the front (in this case it is orange)

· 22 inch white flannel square for the larger blanket.  You can use fleece preferably white since it goes with everything.  I got 14 backings out of 4 1/4 yard of white fleece at 2.97 a yard.  You can use heavy white felt.  When the felt was washed nothing happened.  It comes on a bolt for about 2.97 as well and is 72″ wide which is a real bargain.

· 13 “ batting – great for using scraps and even your fleece scraps will work for the small quilt batting.

· Stabilizer if you are doing the embroidery

· Embroidery thread for quilting and your embroidery work


1. You will want to embroider the angel and the words “My Little Angel ‘ above the little angel and in smaller words “Heaven Sent” as our trade mark.

2. Once you have that done you will square it down to 8 ½ “ square

3. Cut 1 ½ “strip the length of the fabric from selvage to selvage, cut two strip 8 ½ “x 1 ½ “to sew across the top and bottom of the square. Then cut two more strips at 10 ½ “x 1 ½ “to sew across the sides.

4. Next cut one and a half strips 1 ½” by the length of the fabric from selvage to selvage. Cut two strips from that at 10 ½” and two at 12 ½” long. Sew the 10 ½” strip on the top and bottom then the 12 ½” strips to the side.

5. Now that you have your actual square finished. You will want to sandwich your little quilt by putting the top, batting and then the backing on the bottom. Noticed that the batting and backing measurements are about a half inch bigger than the top. Pin if needed

6. Quilt

7. Bind

Larger Blanket

1. You will cut two 22” squares, one white (flannel was used in this picture) and then one from fabric of choice (orange is used here).

2. Place them right sides together

3. Sew all the way around the square leaving an opening so you can turn it right side out. Using the side of the presser foot as a guide for seam allowance or you can use ¼ of an inch or wider but not too wide; your decision.  Turn right side out.

4. Iron your blanket all the way around to try and make the seams smooth. Fold under your opening to match the rest of the blanket. Gluing this opening shut will make the process of stitching over it so much easier and results in a clean finish.

5. Top stitch all the way around the blanket as close to the edge to be able to close the opening, 1/4″ from the edge is good.
This pattern is expressly used for the Heaven Sent,Inc., a Non-Profit Corporation, to use it for anything other than what it is intended for is in violation of copyright.