bringing value and meaning to the life and loss of babies

we believe actions speak louder than words

Our Story

Barbara Gaddy approached Tracy Lee when she became aware that Queen City Funeral Home provided free services to survivors of pre-term and infantile loss. Barbara Gaddy is a professional quilter and offered to provide swaddling and keepsake blankets to Queen City Funeral Home for these services. The results from incorporating the blankets into the service were astoundingly positive. For the first time since becoming a funeral director, Tracy Lee witnessed a bereft mother leave the cemetery without empty arms. The keepsake blanket created a bond for the surviving mother to her lost child, offered tangible proof that the baby was real and existed, delivered comfort and security that the baby was a significant addition and tragic loss to the surviving family, and solidified the birth space the baby occupies within the family structure guaranteeing that the baby was significant and would never be forgotten.

Tracy reported back to Barbara the positive impact her blankets had and when the word got out, other quilters asked to join the program.

Our Work

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from both quilters and bereft mothers, Tracy Lee and Barbara Gaddy decided to form a non-profit and invite other funeral homes across the nation to participate in a program that was long over due in the death care industry. Barbara Gaddy began organizing quilters and quilters guilds and began producing blanket and quilt sets. Tracy Lee began organizing the business side of the non-profit and asked very special women to serve on the board. ABOUT US
To become a quilter for Heaven Sent, Corp., quilters must register as a BLANKETEAR.  They will then produce blanket and quilt sets following the pattern designed by Barbara Gaddy. PATTERN. They must also donate the quilts to Heaven Sent, Corp., via their area Blanketear Capitan, for distribution to partnering funeral homes.
To become a partnering funeral home, funeral homes must offer no cost to low cost burial and cremation services to infants who have lost their lives by natural means during pregnancy or prior to their first birthday. FUNERAL HOMES JOIN US
Heaven Sent, Corp also concentrates on educational programs directed to encourage women in the importance of pre-natal care and parenting skills. We also educate women and families in life sustaining options for unexpected or untimely pregnancies. If your organization needs our assistance, please contact us via our contact page. CONTACT US